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Subject: 70's R&B groups

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Subject: 70's R&B group - Natures Divine Date: 10-01-2005
Author: Michael Reply
Does anyone ever recall a group from the 70's or early 80's called Natures Divine? Would appreciate any feedback.
Unfortunately, I can't recall any of the songs.


Subject: RE: 70's R&B groups Date: 10-01-2005
Author: Dan Reply

Artist: Nature's Divine

Song: I Just Can't Control Myself
Song: Success

Album: In The Beginning

Year: 1979

"The Nature's Divine album was released three years earlier on Infinity Records. This ten piece outfit are another band that, to my knowledge, only cut one album (unless you know better!) and this set was blessed with the writing and production input of a certain Michael Stokes. I would go as far as to say that, if you see his name on any album release, there will be something worthwhile within it's grooves and that is very much the case here. On the modern soul scene this set is sought after for the stepper 'I Just Can't Control Myself' and what a great tune it is too. As usual I am going to be repetitive and go for another gem of a tune. 'Success' is beautifully sung by Lynn Smith and reminds me a little of Magic Lady's mid-tempo classic 'Hold Tight'. Phyllis Hyman could have taken this tune into another dimension. Whatever happened to this Los Angeles based group, after this release, is anybodys guess. A very nice album."

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Subject: RE: 70's R&B groups Date: 10-01-2005
Author: Michael Reply
Thanks Dan.....
Do you know how can I get hold of their LP/CD? i've been searching the internet for a long time without much success... so if anyone can help, it will be much appreciated

Subject: RE: 70's R&B groups Date: 10-01-2005
Author: Dan Reply

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Subject: RE: 70's R&B groups Date: 10-01-2005
Author: Michael Reply
Thanks again Dan!!! .

Subject: RE: 70's R&B groups Date: 10-04-2005
Author: soulsis Reply
I never got into that lp for some reason it was cool but
someone has taste --that is for sure

Subject: RE: 70's R&B groups Date: 11-26-2006
Author: Rob C Reply
Yes I recall them. The hit was called I just can't control Myself. The album did great. But the single sold over 500,000 copies. The group was signed with Infinity records, MCA Name of the album was called IN the Beginning!.

Subject: RE: 70's R&B groups Date: 11-27-2006
Author: soulsis Reply
now this is interesting--I have never heard of this
group, although I was curios of any good funk jams on
it. I didn't know that it sold.

thanks for the tip rob now I know which single to go
back and listen to.

Subject: RE: 70's R&B groups Date: 08-27-2008
Author: Lynn Marie Smith Reply
Hello Michael,

I am the other lead singer and co-author of "I just can't control myself" which was pinned in the bathroom of my home by my baby sister and Rob Carter. I also wrote "Success", co-wrote "Questions", "I never felt this way before" with Duane Mitchell

Thanks for your interest and inquiry. I have an LP in mint condition

Subject: RE: 70's R&B groups Date: 08-27-2008
Author: Lynn Marie Smith Reply
Hello Dan,
We were all based out of Detroit. Half attended Northwestern High School and the other half attended Chadsey High School.


Subject: RE: 70's R&B groups Date: 11-04-2008
Author: mike Reply
This group was just outstanding all round performing and writing skills.Iam form the D area and remember them well.RIP D.Mitchell.Lynn are you stil singing by any chance.Awesome vocalist full of energy..

Subject: RE: 70's R&B groups Date: 02-06-2009
Author: Arjai Reply
Nature's Devine is from Detroit. The big hit on this album was "I Just Can't Control Myself" embraced by radio at WJLB and WGPR two Major R & B Detroit Stations(1977-78). A friend of mine Charles Green is on sax. These guys were some of the most talented young musicians in Metro Detroit during that time. Back when bands were "in", the Detroit scene flourished with bands like Energy MC2, Poncho and the Gang; Legacy; and Power Max. These groups transformed into National Groups like BrainStorm, Nature's Devine, Radio (Ray Parker) or were the bands/musicians behind acts suchs as The Dramatics, Enchantment, Five Special, The Floaters, and Chapter Eight, and other National groups from Detroit. Some of Nature's Devine attended Detroit Northwestern High School where Ernie Rodgers (Motown Arranger/writer) was the band instructor, and was able to create opportunities for these talented young musicians to get shots at various Motown Recordiing Sessions. Motown was only four blocks from the school. So enjoy the Nature's Devine album, it is indeed a collectors item. It represents some of the best young talent in Detroit during those times. .

Subject: RE: 70's R&B groups Date: 12-22-2009
Author: Janice Bennett Reply
The song that was a big, big, hit was called "I Just Can't Control Myself"
great, great R&B hit

Subject: RE: 70's R&B groups Date: 01-01-2011
Author: Midnight Reply
Their biggest hit was "I just can't control myself." The group was from Detroit and featured Robert Carter on lead vocals (he is jazz saxophonist James Carter's brother). You can see him every Tuesday night at Alvin's Bar near Wayne State U. Hope this helps!.

Subject: RE: 70's R&B groups Date: 01-14-2011
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