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Subject: late 60's or early 70's song Date: 11-24-2004
Author: Bob Reply
Ok I am trying to find the name of this song and artist from late 60's or early 70's I believe it is a one hit wonder.

Here is what I can remember.

We talked about love we were experts on love. Playboys beneath my bed seeing three concerts a week.

Subject: RE: late 60's or early 70's song Date: 11-24-2004
Author: Dan Reply
Artist: Gunhill Road

Song: Back When My Hair Was Short

Back when my hair was short
I was a white socked sport
Wore pointed shoes and pegged pants
Drank till my eyes were red
Hid Playboy neath my bed
Slicked my d.a. for the dance

Back when my hair was short
I met some friends in court
For stealing hubcaps from cars
Chain smoking under the stars
Played all night pinball in bars
And dreamed about love

We were experts on love
We talked our way all around it
And even if we had found it
We couldnt respond

Slowly I changed my ways
College and long-haired days
Seeing three concerts a week
An honest to God hippy freak
Too busy eating to speak
Except about love

We held rallies for love
But no one knew what they stood for
How many months were they good for
The meaning is gone

Soon when my hair is short
Ill make a full report
Of how I came back alive
And what it takes to survive
Wringing the truth out of jive

Ill tell you of love
More than ever its love
No lack of faith undermines it
Cause its the hope that well find it
That makes us go on

Back when my hair was short
I was a white socked sport
Holding beer parties till three
College appealed to me
Eastern Philosophy.....

Available on Super Hits of the 70's Volume 23...Song Sample



Subject: RE: late 60's or early 70's song Date: 01-16-2006
Author: Eric Reply
This band is Gunhill Road with the 2 original member Glen Leopold and Steve Goldrich. Oh yea...my father is Steve Goldrich. They were not a one hit wonder. They were number 40 on Billboard and were number one with many other songs in such cities as St. Louis, Buffalo, and others..

Subject: RE: late 60's or early 70's song Date: 01-29-2006
Author: OKCRay Reply
Yep, I remember this song from late spring/early summer of 1973. It hit the Top 20 on both WLS and WCFL (the two top-40 powerhouses in Chicago). Seems like this was mostly a hit in the midwest, and not many people on either coast really remember hearing it back then..

Subject: RE: late 60's or early 70's song Date: 02-01-2006
Author: Sean in Boston Reply
Well, it was also a hit in Boston, Ma. I remember it quite clearly. I just happen to be scanning some old photo's of mine when I looked at one from high school when my hair was short...the song came into my head. I probably haven't thought of the song in decades, but it was sleeping in my memory. I tried to find it on Kazaa. Not there. So I did a web search and came up with it here. I've been singing it all day. Strange how memory works. Is the whole song (or most of it) stored in a neuron in my brain? .

Subject: RE: late 60's or early 70's song Date: 04-28-2007
Author: rocky Reply
Back when my hair was short...I was a white sox sport.....

Subject: RE: late 60's or early 70's song Date: 12-06-2007
Author: Marcus Hall Reply
I seem to recall some different verses, and I don't know if this was a cover by somebody else or what... But I'd like to find some leads to this alternative if possible..

Back when my hair was short
before I went to court
for selling dope to some kids
Only a couple of lids..
They stood around and made bids.

And talked about love,
they were experts on love
Love of a man for his vision
and love to make no real decision
when you're called upon.


and love to rip off one another,
while screaming "right on"!.


and love to put nails in your savior
then cry when he's gone..

I recall these fragments of the song, which is clearly based on the Gunnhill Road song, but I've never seen these lyrics anywhere..

Subject: RE: late 60's or early 70's song Date: 12-30-2007
Author: Lisa Reply
Marcus, those lyrics were from the original album version of the song. When it was chosen as a single, it was "cleaned up" for AM radio.

The album was re-released with the single version of the song, as well as an additional song, "Mr. Keyboards" (featuring Eric's dad :)) as well as a re-recorded version of "42nd Street."

The album has a real all-star cast of background musicians and is probably one of my top 5 all-time favorite records.

Subject: RE: late 60's or early 70's song Date: 02-24-2008
Author: George Reply
Saw your dad many times in the 70's - have the
albums -including both versions of the second
album - the original and the one produced by
Kenny Rogers.
He was kind enough to send me a tape of the b
sides I didn't have. I saw the band at Kenny's
Castaways shortly after Back When My Hair... was
released. We were talking to your dad and he told
us we had to catch the opening act, a poet musician
- Patti Smith.

Subject: RE: late 60's or early 70's song Date: 07-09-2009
Author: matthew Reply

Your dad and I played together in a band in the 60's... Mrs. Prothro's Teacup. Please give him my warmest regards...

Subject: RE: late 60's or early 70's song Date: 09-29-2009
Author: steve Reply
the title of the song is "back when my hair was short" by gunhill road.
I'm also trying to find a down load of it. good luck

Subject: Gunhill Road Date: 10-27-2009
Author: Scott Reply
Hi Eric,
Just saw this thread from 3 years ago about your dad's
band... are any of the LPs or anything available on CD?
72-73 was great, even the mainstream pop, but that
song stood out from all the others. I remember
hearing it on AT40 - it blew my mind, but I was nine
and not really buying LPs yet... anyway, would love to
know where I can get this stuff. Thanks. Scott

Subject: RE: late 60's or early 70's song Date: 11-05-2011
Author: Mary Ellen Reply
Hi Eric, I had the pleasure and privilege of being
able to listen to your dad and Gunhill Road play
last night at the tribute concert for The Bitter
End's Paul Colby. I have waited 40 years to
hear them play live!! Gunhill. Road has always
been one of favorite groups. your Dad and
Glenn Leopold were gracious enough to have
their picture taken with me! what is he doing
now...still in the music biz? please thank him for
me and tell him that seeing the reunion of Gunhill
Road was a true highlight. I look forward to
another reunion concert, soon
. Best regards, Mary Ellen

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