Subject: 90s female/male R&B group

Subject: 90s female/male R&B group Date: 05-28-2008
Author: saahir Reply
Hi,does any one know the name of a 90s R&B group that had two female members and one guy member? They had I think only one hit of their first cd. I don't know the words to the song but in the music video for the song they were standing on a spinning circle I think.Also the lead female singer had a low hair cut like Anita Baker,they swithed outfits alot,they sat in chairs while spinning and the male member played a guitar.If anyone knows the name of this group I would be so happy..

Subject: RE: 90s female/male R&B group Date: 05-29-2008
Author: elizabeth Reply
check this blog, you may find that song on here.

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