Subject: Delisa Davis (Shalamar)

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Subject: Where is she now? Date: 10-22-2007
Author: RJSchex Reply
Anyone out here remember Delisa Davis?

For those not familiar, she was the female
vocalist who replaced Jody Watley in the group
in 1984.

In late 1984/early 1985, Delisa was the first ever
celebrity crush I had.

Just like the show on VH1, I've been wondering for
the longest of times:


I've heard rumors that she's now a hairstylist
somewhere in the LA area. To me, that sounds like
somewhat of a stretch.

Subject: RE: Delisa Davis (Shalamar) Date: 11-02-2007
Author: jody Reply
I knew her as a kid in atlanta in the 1970's. Her mother's name was Johnnie Davis. She was, I think miss teenage georgia. She was one of the first influences on me as a keyboardist. She could really play and sing. It seems like yesterday, that I was at her house. Man that was like 73..

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