Subject: 80's Song

Subject: RE: 80's Song Date: 05-24-2007
Author: Dan Reply
Song Title: Six Two Eight


Europe (1985 Italo Disco Song)

Invisible (1987 Eurobeat Dance Song)




Baby, baby,babe, baby, babe(2x)

A:On the ground people save for
I can round people until why
So at night people run to the action
Summer nights when the sun goes down
People say, people do,
people through
Come from my heart
Spreading round it seems precious
All the doubt

Ref: 19628, tell me what to say
Baby please don't leave me
one more time
19628, tell me it's too late
you are the greatest love of my life
Ninety, tell me...

B:On the ground people save for
I can round, people shining down
No reply nothing mine no distraction
And don't want people running round
All the dykes, all the guys
On depression's floor might starve
Doing fine at nude permission in your heart

Ref (Same as above)
As long it's only love
Which lovers interface
So 19628, 628

Ref (Same as above)
(Same as above)(4x)

Note: Try the artist 'Europe'

The record is available at or or possibly ebay.

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Subject: RE: 80's Song Date: 06-20-2007
Author: arlan Reply
thanx a lot Dan, you're such a great guy!.

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