Subject: RE: CHUCKIE BOOKER Date: 06-30-2007
Author: dee Reply
lime wire has his song.

Subject: RE: CHUCKIE BOOKER Date: 07-10-2007
Author: Greg Reply
Chuckii is doing great! He produced 5 songs on Lionel
Richie's new CD and is in the process of rehearsing for
a concert at the House Of Blues in October. As far as i
know, he's married and i think his wife's name is Tami

He is the musical director for Lionel Richie and has
been for the past 7 years.

Subject: RE: CHUCKIE BOOKER Date: 08-21-2007
Author: blackmamba4432 Reply
please send me your download of chuckie booker.

Subject: RE: CHUCKIE BOOKER Date: 09-17-2007
Author: Sandra Reply
I'm looking for the remix to chuckie booker's song games do you know the name of the person or group. Hard to find Thank you..

Subject: RE: CHUCKIE BOOKER Date: 10-30-2007
Author: lady d Reply
I've been looking for his music as well and i would also like to find his other hit "WHy U Wanna". So much for "one hit wonder". He's a great artist..

Subject: RE: CHUCKIE BOOKER Date: 12-26-2007
Author: Jayson Reply
i have turned away on my comp if youd like my e-mail is [email protected].

Subject: RE: CHUCKIE BOOKER Date: 01-04-2008
Author: bb Reply
The correct spelling of his name is Chuckii Booker. You will find his music in a search under this name..

Subject: RE: CHUCKIE BOOKER Date: 03-04-2008
Author: Teresa Henry Reply
Hello, same here I loved him and "Why you wanta play games" . I have also tried to find his CD I thought that BMG music would have it but they don't so I'm still trying . If I find I will let you know and if you find it let me know.


Subject: RE: CHUCKIE BOOKER Date: 03-05-2008
Author: dogood Reply
If anyone still needs that song, please let me know. I have it on my computer at home as well. Just send me an email address.
[email protected]

Subject: RE: CHUCKIE BOOKER Date: 03-06-2008
Author: LISA Reply


Subject: RE: CHUCKIE BOOKER Date: 08-14-2008
Author: nate Reply
if u can email this album.

Subject: RE: CHUCKIE BOOKER Date: 08-20-2008
Author: D TAYLOR Reply
Chucky is one of the best musicians ever. just because he doesnt entertain the masses, musicians know and listen to his music for educational puposes. The guy can play and write..

Subject: RE: CHUCKIE BOOKER Date: 08-28-2008
Author: Games Reply
Chuckii Booker is producing and arranging music for Lionel Richie he had a lot to do with that big album Lionel had in 2007, and he is also the music director for Mary J. Blige! Chuckii is very sought after in regards to producing and arranging music and he has never stopped doing his thing and i'm sure he will continue as true talent usually always does..

Subject: RE: CHUCKIE BOOKER Date: 08-31-2008
Author: electrophonic Reply
Hey all , great to see some Chuck-funk on here. Yeah, that dude released 2 awesome solo-joints.The great thing about it was that he added some serious fonk to the newjack-era, together with Mnpls-bands like Lo-Key and Mint
Condition. His name was already mentioned on the debut-album from Tease in 1983 on the RCA-label, although he didn't perform on that joint yet, but he co-wrote with Tease the track "Action Speaks Louder than Words" for the Action-
album by the funk-group Kiddo on A&M Records in 1984 :

( upload-link was here / explanation at the bottom
of this post )

Around 1985 Chuckii also co-wrote with Tease the track "I Can't Help Myself", recorded by the singer Finesse on the Mercury label :

( a brief sample-link was here )

Just around or before his contribution on Tease's 2nd album in 1986, Chuckii recorded with the group Chill, which released about 2 albums and a number of singles. The first album and singles were released by Street Records , a sub-label
of KMA-Records. That 1rst album is called "Chill Out" and is a quite hard-to-find collector-item. The singles from that album are easier to spot online. Chill's 2nd album came out a few years later and from what i remember, it's called
something like "Cold Fresh Groove" :

( upload & info-links were here )

Now there's another thing which i'm trying to find out. One of the 1rst official gigs which Chuckii got was to perform live with the orchestra of the late & great Barry White. Barry used to have his own distrbution-company called Unlimited
Gold, on which he released his own work and various other acts. One of those acts was the group Tara which released the track "Fresh Flesh" for the label around 1983. I'm not absolute shure, but i do seem to recognise Chuckii's voice in
some parts :

( upload & info-links were here, but it's also posted on Youtube though )

Chuck worked again with Barry in the 90's on the album "The Icon is Love". Other great productions which he did was for a number of various artists from which some have been mentioned here earlier. Artists like saxophonist Gerald
Albright and singers Lalah Hathaway plus Angela Winbush come to mind. I saw Angela perform with the Isley Brothers in 1994 on a festival, and guess who was backing them up with an extreme tight band ?... Chuckii wore a cool red suit
with a red bandana and black shades during that concert. Point is that the Isley-gig was a last-minute booking on the festival, otherwise i would've brought my albums to get them signed, lol. But ever since Chuckii's started doing the
musical-director job for Janet's Rhythm Nation Tour, he's indeed been hired a lot for other tours from various artists. I remember seeing his name mentioned as musical-director in a 90's Tourbook of Tina Turner. In one or a few
tourbands from Janet were also Chuckii's Tease-buddies like the Organ-brothers (Derek on drums & Thommy on guitar).The musical-director on Janet's Velvet Rope-Tour was keyboardplayer Rex Salas, who was the main synth-man on
the debut-album from Tease.Also, if anyone here visited the US-leg of the Rhythm Nation-Tour, then they might've witnessed the support-act which was Chuckii , a few of the Tease-brothers and some other cats, who performed tracks
from Chuckii's selftitled debut-album.

( Ps, i made a 2nd attempt by posting my message above , but now without the upload-links ( unfortunately ) because i can't get those links posted on here for some strange reason which i can't figure out. I've seen links posted in this
thread so the logic is beyond me why i can't
post them either, lol. Rant over & peace )


Subject: RE: CHUCKIE BOOKER Date: 08-31-2008
Author: electrophonic Reply
Btw, anyone remember the single or video called
"Return of the Mack" by UK-singer Mark Morrison ? He
literally jacked the bass and melody-line from
Chuckii's "Games". I'm sure there's a clip of it on

Subject: RE: CHUCKIE BOOKER Date: 09-18-2008
Author: ventura Reply
My dad sung backup for chuckie, his name iz james tate,if that means anything too you, im actaully searching for my father ,so if you were to have any info on chuckie i would really appricaite that ..... you kan email me at ,[email protected] ,thanks..

Subject: RE: CHUCKIE BOOKER Date: 10-01-2008
Author: cxwh Reply
I would like it.

Subject: RE: CHUCKIE BOOKER Date: 11-23-2008
Author: gesh Reply
hi, did you ever find your chuckii booker songs?.

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