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Subject: Early 90's R&B group....

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Subject: RE: Early 90's R&B group.... Date: 02-18-2004
Author: Donald Reply
The song you are looking for is called "Make Love 2 Me" by Lorenzo. It is a 1992 release (Alpha Records) and its UPC 095978100029.

Subject: RE: Early 90's R&B group.... Date: 02-20-2004
Author: Maily Reply
Are you talking about Big Bub who sang "Telling Me Stories"?.

Subject: RE: Early 90's R&B group.... Date: 02-27-2004
Author: NullUserName Reply
His name is Big Bub NOT BIG PUB.

Subject: RE: Early 90's R&B group.... Date: 03-03-2004
Author: RiRi Reply
Thanks that had been killing me all week and I knew if I read the message board somebody would know what I was talking about. I believe singer came from the group Basic Black but what was his name? Big Bud came from the group Today, right?.

Subject: RE: Early 90's R&B group.... Date: 03-05-2004
Author: Cream One Reply
I'm still looking for the group Today's first album. Very hard to find. New Jack Swing Movement, Guy, Today, Wrecks N Effects..

Subject: RE: Early 90's R&B group.... Date: 03-06-2004
Author: MidniteLuv10 Reply
Wow you guys are REALLY bringing back memories! I'm pretty good at remembering the late 80's and 90's r&b groups, so if you have a matter how obscure it is, feel free to e-mail me. I'm looking for Today's song "Girl I got my eyes on you". If anybody can help me find it PLEASE let me know. By the way, who remembers FABU with "Just Roll"?.

Subject: RE: Early 90's R&B group.... Date: 03-07-2004
Author: srd2069 Reply
Im looking for a song with the lyrics "How could I be so blind" its R&B and was in the early 90's. They were from Port Arthur, Tx..

Subject: RE: Early 90's R&B group.... Date: 03-09-2004
Author: redhead Reply
im looking for the artist who had the song that goes--ive been thinking of you, usually at night. i try to get some sleep but its a constant fight. waking up from dreams of holding you so tight, baby it feels so right. .

Subject: RE: Early 90's R&B group.... Date: 03-11-2004
Author: zman Reply
I think the cat that sang that song was called Lorenzo. He had about 2 albums, that I know of. can't remember the name of the song, though... how about the Force MD's... Tender Love had to be the BEST song!!.

Subject: RE: Early 90's R&B group.... Date: 06-01-2004
Author: Shadow50204 Reply
I'm a younger cat (born in 1986) but grew up on R&b, there is a song, It must have came out betweend 1991-93 "I'm in love, round and round I go, out of control, I'm in love" I thought it was Joe but not sure. Need help!!!.

Subject: RE: Early 90's R&B group.... Date: 03-12-2004
Author: MidniteLuv10 Reply
Yeah dude that was Joe's first song. I remember it. That's when Joe used to use his last name. I forgot what it was though... Yeah dude it was Joe Thomas. That's what he used to go by in the beginning. The name of the song is "I'm in Luv" You can listen to it if you go to and do a search for it. Now, who can help me with that Today song that goes "Girl I got my eyes on you"?.

Subject: RE: Early 90's R&B group.... Date: 03-13-2004
Author: NullUserName Reply
IN RESPONSE TO: Will, i think the song you're looking for is called "I'll Be There" by Joyce "Fenderella" Irby (originally from Klymaxx).

Subject: RE: Early 90's R&B group.... Date: 03-21-2004
Author: medboy78_at_hotmailcom Reply

who sang this song? this was an r&b song which I think was from group, came out about 94-96 era. I remember hearing this song at parties and never was able to this track (or hear the song in its entirity.)

The chorus (I think) goes something like this: "Girl I'll do just anything, to try to turn you on . . ."

Subject: RE: Early 90's R&B group.... Date: 03-21-2004
Author: jaymi Reply
I have Today's first album. Actually it's a tape. Was those lyrics you're talking about from a fast song or a slow song? Did the song go something like "I-I got the feeling, yeah, that you're doing me wrong?" That was an umtempo song, called I got the feeling..

Subject: RE: Early 90's R&B group.... Date: 03-22-2004
Author: cedionline Reply
Hi everybody !

Thanx 4 this subject that helped me 2 find rare pieces...

Now it's my turn 2 submit sum lyrics I know by heart, but can't find the author and song title :

" I feel i'm getting kind of horny, and i like it baby" "All night long... In the afternoon... On the table... In the studio..."

This title is very hot, with a lookalike gangsta sample at the beginning...

so please somebody help me, i'll be eternally thankfull !!!

Subject: RE: Early 90's R&B group.... Date: 04-08-2004
Author: Gina Reply
Theres this song in my head, I've never been able to think of the rest of the words and the exact group. It goes like this "I'ts written all over your face, you dont have to say a word" then the other part of the chorus is "Just smile just smile just smile just smile for me" I can hear Gerald Levert I think. But it sounds like more of a group, and I cant find the lyrics ANYWHERE. Help if u can, thanx.

Subject: RE: Early 90's R&B group.... Date: 03-22-2004
Author: Bluoshin Reply
Hey, do you know the who sings a song that goes , 'I dont ever want to see you again, tell me why did it have to be my best freind... who you were messing round with ...." i cant remember who sings the song to save my life????.

Subject: RE: Early 90's R&B group.... Date: 03-23-2004
Author: medboy78 Reply
Regarding the song "I don't want ever wanna see you again...."

That is Uncle Sam "I don't wanna ever see you again."

Subject: RE: Early 90's R&B group.... Date: 03-25-2004
Author: Peachpye Reply
The name of the song is "Written All Over Your Face" by the Rude Boys. Great song.
"It's written all over your face
You don't have to say a word
Just smile, a smile, a smile your smile for me
It's beter than any word I ever heard"

For those of you that are 90's champs, below are a few that are brain busters. Let me know if you remember them or not:

Changing from Boyz to Men by MC Brains featuring Boyz II Men

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah by Voices

Are you lonely for Me? by Rude Boys

If by Michelle Le

Dial My Heart- The boys....easy

Fly Girl- Queen Latifah ("I don't know you from a can of paint")

Just Wanna Hold you Tight- Tara Kemp

It Takes 2- Seduction

Taste of Your Love by EU

Your Sweetness by The Good Girls (I LOVED THEM)

Lick U Up by H-Town

Love Me- Tracy Spencer

Candlelight and You- Keith Washington featuring Chante Moore

These are good...but remember those Actors/Actresses that put out an album (some songs were HOT...others not). See below.

Jasmine Guy- Just want to hold you

Eddie Murphy- Party All the Time/Put your mouth on me

My all time favorite...Tisha Campbell- I don't wanna be alone tonight

More To come...if you can remember the MC Brains are the bomb diggidy!

Subject: RE: Early 90's R&B group.... Date: 03-24-2004
Author: seeker99 Reply
wow, you just took me back. I sell CDs manley just slow new and old R&B so a lot of these songs I have in my collection....but you are a bad M** (watch yo mouth) for saying the good girls, I had forgot all about them, and i love that song..

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