Gorky Park - Bang - 1989

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Artist: Gorky Park
Song: Bang
Year: 1989
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Gorky Park Biography
In 1987, guitarist Alexie Belov, vocalist Nikolai Noskov, bassist Sasha
Minkov, guitarist Jan Ianenkov and drummer Sasha Lvov formed Gorky park.
Much of Gorky Park's subsequent success originated in the events
surrounding the Cold War. It was during this time that the band began
playing in various Moscow-based rock bands.

Many of the restrictions placed on music were lifted when Mikhail Gorbachev
came to power. Glasnost and Perestroika enabled Moscow's music scene to
flourish. These institutions, likewise, allowed for more freedom of
movement about the world. And so, Gorky Park went abroad in search of a
record deal.

In 1989, Gorky Park released a self-titled debut album. The band's first
video enjoyed heavy exposure on MTV. The band's next two singles "Try to
Find Me" and "Peace in Our Time," a collaboration with Jon Bon Jovi, found
heavy exposure on the radio.

The group's popularity, nonetheless, faded with the conclusion of the Cold
War and with fickle musical tastes.

The Gorky Park Experience
Includes biography, discography, sound files, news, lyrics, and fan clubs.
Gorky Park
The well-known Russian rock band. News, history, profiles, interviews, lyrics, tabs, discography, image gallery and sound/video clips.
Gorky Park
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