is the brainchild of web developer and music trivia buff, Dan Thompson. The germinal idea for the site materialized like a bright visage in the misty night at the beginning of the new millennium. The site found its origin in a compilation of Thompson's favorite tunes, many of which he had not heard in years. Thompson made an inquiry into the songs and their respective creators, finding that no site offered a comprehensive listing of them. So he envisioned his own site, enlisting Josh Hoff in his cause. Hoff, who researches and writes biographies for the artists, also assists in the development of overall content.

About Dan Thompson:
Dan Thompson got started in the internet in 1998, when he developed his first website on Geocities (apologies, no link). Thompson honed his design skills while employed by a Columbia, Missouri-based web design company. Following his stint in Columbia, Thompson moved to Kansas City, where he worked for the internet start-up IndustryClick. But, when IndustryClick moved its operation to the East Coast, Thompson, a native Missourian, stayed put.

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About Josh Hoff:
Josh Hoff hails from Baltimore, Maryland. He works as a copywriter in Chicago. In addition, Hoff writes on a freelance basis for several web sites and publications. Topics on which he has written range from sailing to the Harlem Renaissance to the National Vietnam Veterans' Art Museum to the 60th Annual Bikers' Rally in Sturgis, South Dakota to soccer to cities as well as travel

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