One Hit Wonders 1960's

The 1960s brought an era of hit music. Radio stations tended to play only the most popular songs and, in response, bands tended to only record their best songs trying to become a hit record. The American public expanded it's tastes from the saxophone, folksinger and doo-wop of 1950s music to include folk rock, Motwon sound, and the British Invasion! The hippie and counter-culture movements also brought the rise of rock, soul, pop, reggae and blues. Explore our collection of one hit wonders from the 60s below to experience a taste of this great era in music.

Songs of the 1960's (1 - 20) of 133

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Artist Song Year  
Ron Holden and the Thunderbirds Love You So 1960
The Fendermen Mule Skinner Blues 1960
The Hollywood Argyles Alley-Oop 1960
Bob Luman Let's Think About Livin' 1960
Ivy Three Yogi 1960
Billy Bland Let the Little Girl Dance 1960
Larry Hall Sandy 1960
Rosie and the Originals Angel Baby 1960
Lolita Sailor (Your Home Is The Sea) 1960
Buzz Clifford Baby Sittin' Boogie 1961
Bob Moore Mexico 1961
Kokomo Asia Minor 1961
The Jarmels A Little Bit of Soap 1961
Troy Shondell This Time 1961
Curtis Lee Pretty Little Angel Eyes 1961
Barry Mann Who Put the Bomp (In the Bomp, Bomp, Bomp) 1961
Ann-Margaret I Just Don't Understand 1961
Claudine Clark Party Lights 1962
Ernie Maresca Shout! Shout! (Knock Yourself Out) 1962
Billy Joe & The Checkmates Percolator (Twist) 1962

Songs of the 1960's (1 - 20) of 133

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